Make these tacos NOW

Photo by Sara Remington

If you’re interested in taking tacos to the next level, crooning with pleasure at your culinary prowess and just about dying with taste bud pleasure, I urge you to make these tacos pronto. We enjoyed them so much last night we’re making them again tonight. I’ve been known to do a recipe repeat within the same week, but never the very next day. MAKE THESE TACOS, RIGHT. NOW. Click here for the recipe. Chef Deb is onto something here. I think it’s the quesadilla filled with serranos, green onion and jack cheese as the base, or maybe it’s the simply-marinated skirt steak, who knows. I’m buying Chef Deb’s book this week, and I urge anyone reading this to do yourself a favor and do the same.
Oh yeah, and I ran 3 miles yesterday with D. It was all uphill in our neighborhood, but it wasn’t as unpleasant as my last run. I am starting to embrace the pain again, a good thing. I have a business trip that will cut into my ‘back-in-shape’ momentum on Monday and Tuesday, but oh well. Life happens.

Mmm, cake

If I had my baking groove thing on, this would be my post run or swim snack every day. Nothing too extravagant or fussy, just cake.  A whole pan of it, made with the best ingredients and lightly sprinkled with confectioners sugar. Plates not required.

August 5 Run

Distance: 2 miles
Felt like: more
Ran with: D
Route: Too many hills
Deep thoughts: Hating hills right now.

One year anniversary

Yesterday marked my one year running anniversary. Last summer I finished watching the Tour de France, went down to my local running shop, purchased a pair of Asics and hit the pavement. If you told me this time last year that I would run 5ks, a 10k and a half marathon, I would have looked at you like you had fallen out of your tree.  At this time last year I struggled to run 3 minutes without stopping.  I remember reading my Couch to 5k training program printout, weeks 7-9 loomed and made me nervous because they were the “long” runs of 15-20 minutes without stopping.
I’m still amazed I can throw on a pair of shoes and run around my neighborhood for an hour without thinking too much about it.  Sometimes it’s hard; sometimes it hurts; sometimes all I want to do is sleep in (and I do many times), but most of the time it’s fun; sometimes it’s actually exhilarating.  There is such a feeling of accomplishment when I tackle even the smallest of my running goals, and I think it’s because I don’t expect so much.  I don’t have low expectations, but I am more accepting of where I am physically and mentally with running.  I cut myself some slack. If I don’t make it 3 times per week, oh well. Better luck next week. If I run 3 miles instead of 5, I am generally ok with that.
I run for the pure pleasure of it. I have also had the privilege of running with some wonderful people. Running brings people together in ways that are different from swimming. There is something about waiting at the race start line with thousands of people that gives me a buzz. I remember sitting on the pavement after finishing my half marathon, banged up and bandaged up after being hit by a bike, drinking a beer at 10am and watching Big Bad Voodoo Daddy perform at the post-race festivities. It was a great feeling, and one I would like to have again (minus the bike accident). Being a “middle of the pack” runner is turning out to be more fun than I’d anticipated.  Here’s to another year running.

Dryland and a movie

The extent of my swimming over the weekend was sneaking beer onto the beach on Saturday then sneaking beer and margaritas to the pool on Sunday.  Really, why can’t I get my swim practices together?  Some event or alcoholic beverage seems to get in the way, but I am finally getting the first decent tan I’ve had in five years.
Worked late last night and missed most of swim practice, so I did some dryland while watching a bad romantic comedy.  I did lunges, squats and crunches on the stability ball while watching Katherine Heigl pine away in 27 Dresses.  Heigl is no Meg Ryan and the movie could have been edited by half, but I got completely sucked in.  I think the thing that bothered me most was how she could have such an amazing apartment in New York City and still manage to take so much time off work to help plan her friends’ and sister’s wedding.  One can only suspend disbelief so far, especially when it comes to NYC apartments (think Carrie Bradshaw).  Anyhoo, I slacked on the dryland but vow to have another go at swim practice Tuesday.